How to Become Anorexically Thin – My story on how I became slim, sexy and healthy

I was at work in the office on a Wednesday afternoon just after 3pm and then I herd something thing that totally devastated me.

It hurt me so much that I ran straight to the toilet locked my self in the cubicle and sobbed my heart out uncontrollably. I remember wishing my life would end right there and then .

I felt so ashamed. How could I let myself get like this.

2 years before I was in a happy relationship with my childhood sweet heart of 8 years. We did everything together. I felt so in love and life felt really good.

All that changed when I found out through a close friend and work college called Danielle that my beloved boyfriend of 8 years who I would have done anything for had been cheating on me with another friend of mine.

I felt so betrayed. I just couldn’t understand how he could do that to me.

I had to leave everything and move back to my mums in Pasadena.

Over the next 2 years my life spiralled out of control. I became depressed and full of self-pity. I hardly ever left my mums house except for work.

I really let my self go. I sat in front of the TV and ate Junk every day and night.

The weight piled on so quick.

Over the space of 21 months I put on 31 pounds. I felt like I’d lost all control. The bigger I got the more terrible I felt meaning I ate more to try and feel better.

It was an hopeless cycle of despair.

I wanted to become thin again, if I’m honest I wanted to know how to become anorexically thin.

I wanted to be the opposite of what I was. A big fat mess.

In desperation I tried to lose weight many times which only left me with more weight than before I started.

I tried Raspberry Ketone weight loss pills, which did absolutely nothing.

I tried T5 fat burners which got me a little results (about 5 pounds) initially but I also had to follow a strict diet that came with them.

It was probably the diet not the fat burners that worked but it was too strict to maintain long term. I also always felt shaky as well which I knew was not a good thing.

I went on fad diets. But I just ended yo-yoing up and down but eventually putting more weight on than I had lost.

I felt more of a failure each and every time. I just hated the way I looked. I felt disgusting. I didn’t even like looking in the mirror anymore. It was far from the old happy go lucky me who felt good with the way I looked.

My self esteem was at an all time rock bottom.

I missed being in love. I wanted to find someone who would make me feel special. I wanted to be in a happy relationship again.

Things started to look up when I had been getting close to a guy at work. He was called Brandon. He was a tall quirky kinda guy. We always laughed when we was together.

My friend Danielle thought we were cute. She kept saying I’m going to try setting you up together. I was like no freaking way.

I had no confidence, felt gross and thought he’d never go for me anyway.

That’s when I was at work when I heard Danielle talking to Brendon by his desk.

“So I see you and Carina have been getting along quite well lately”

“Yeah she’s a cool girl”

“I think she is as well. Why don’t you ask her out? You could take her out somewhere. I think you two would be great together”


“Well what?”

“Well she’s a cool girl and I like her as a friend, but…I don’t go for you know…big girls”

It felt like someone had punched me right in the stomach. I couldn’t believe he could say something like that.

I felt sick. I just ran to the toilet and locked myself in the cubical and cried my eyes out.

At first I was angry with Danielle. Why did she ask him that? I knew he wouldn’t go for me. Now I’ve been humiliated.

But something happened. I felt what you could say an internal snap. I had enough. I knew right there and then I was going to get in shape and change my life around.

I didn’t know how I was going to get thin but I KNEW I was going to do it.

I needed a plan. A plan that would not involve pills, potions and fads.

Something healthy and sustainable. Something that would last.

God must have heard my cry for help because that night through serendipity my aunt was over my mum’s house for the first time in over 6 months and she looked great.

She’s never been super over weight but you could tell she’d lost a few pounds and looked fantastic because of it.

Have you lost weight? I asked immediately. You look great. You look like you’re actually glowing.

She laughed and said yes actually. I’m on week ten of a 12 week body transformation plan.

It’s called the Venus Factor.

She told me all about how it had changed her life and she recommended I should give it a go.

I was worried though. I thought what if it doesn’t work for me. What if I can’t stay motivated to see it through. What if it was too hard for me to do.

All this doubt rushed through my mind, I mean I’ve been burned before with all the fad diets and pills and potions that never delivered results.

But something inside just said screw it you’re not happy now so you might as well give it a go. You’ve tried everything else so why not this.

This was it. If this didn’t work I knew I would never get slim again and probably die fat and depressed in an early grave.

That night I went online and ordered the Venus factor.

I was super nervous but super excited. I went through it all that night and I prepared to put the plan into action the next day.

I needed a clear goal so I would know when I have achieved it.

The goal was to fit back into a beautiful summer dress that I’d wore to a friends wedding a few years before.

I guessed that would need to lose at least 30 pounds to achieve that goal.

I gave myself 6 months to do it. The program was 12 weeks but I knew I could continue on after 12 weeks to reach my goal of fitting into that dress.

Next day I told Danielle about the goal I’d set my self and she was just as excited and promised she would be with me all the way.

Next day I got all the food need for the diet and joined a gym with Danielle.

I got started and at first it was tough. I felt like I was eating too much food to lose weight and I kept wanting to revert back to the old me and skip meals thinking it would help.

Something I learned that with the Venus factor is it’s bad to skip meals and you don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight. In fact you can eat quite a lot and still lose weight.

Luckily Danielle always kept me on track.

I did my best to eat all meals and train all times as planned.

Things were going really well but I was getting some outside resistance. It’s was my mum of all people.

She loves me and I know she always wants the best for me but she was always trying to force food on me. Telling me I deserved it. I’d worked hard for it.

At first I gave in a few times but eventually I realised my mum wasn’t helping me reach my goal.

All that pain and suffering came into my mind and I just didn’t want to go back to that any more.

We had words.

I explained in as nice of a way as possible that she wasn’t helping me and it was really important I achieve my goal as I was feeling happier than I had felt in a long time.

I was kind but stern with my mum and thankfully she understood and eased of with all her treats.

A lot of time and effort had been put in and I wasn’t sure if I’d lost if any weight as I promised to only weight myself once a month.

I needed to stay away from the sad step. I learned to go by how my body looked rather than weighed.

To my surprise I’d lost 9 pounds in the first 4 weeks!

I was so happy.

And with that news I took my foot of my gas and for a week after I ate a ton of junk which left me feeling crap again.

I felt so frustrated. I thought why did I do that?

I weight my self again even though I wasn’t going to till at least 4 weeks from the last weigh-in.

To my shock I’d put 3 pounds back on.

I felt like a complete waste of space.

Thank good for my guardian angel Danielle becuase she was a great help and pushed me to keep motivated.

I worked harder than ever. I followed my plan to letter which wasn’t easy and smashed every workout.

The 12-week mark drew closer and closer. I was getting nervous. Was this all a big waste of time?

The day finally arrived when I’d find out if this 12-week body transformation worked.

I stood on the scales with Danielle by my side and to my disbelief I’d lost 21 pounds in 12 weeks!

I was elated! I’d lost 21 pounds!!

The Venus factor had saved me from despair. It showed me everything I need to know and the results spoke from them selves.

In the following 6 weeks I lost another 9 pounds from following the Venus factor principles!

To celebrate the new me Danielle took me with a bunch of friends to a Mexican restaurant and I thought I knew the perfect dress for the occasion.

My dress my summer dress. I was hoping I would fit into it again. And I did. It was perfect. Well almost perfect. There was a little extra room. I didn’t mind though ☺

4 and a half months later from starting the Venus factor my life turned a 180.

I felt sexy and confident again. I was happy. My energy was at an all time high and my zest for life was back.

To top all this of Brendon from work came up to me and actually asked me out on a date??

To his surprise I politely refused. He doesn’t know he was the reason for my transformation but hey something’s are best kept secret.

Thanks I hope you enjoyed the story of my transformation of how I wanted to become anorexically slim to finding the Venus factor and becoming the slimmest, most confident and happiest version of my self yet!

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