Pros and Cons of the Venus Factor

Venus Factor, a program created by John Barban and Brad Pilon, is designed specifically for women seeking a strikingly toned and well-shaped physique. Its focus is to create a magnificently, well-sculpted feminine body and not just weight loss or burning excessive fats.

The Venus Factor is made from a scientific-based formula which works for women alone. So if you are a man, this program is not for you.

First advantage is the new lifestyle this program proposes. It’s a revolutionary method to weight loss and many of those who have used the program have already seen its positive effect.

Second advantage is that, according to testimonials and women from the Venus Factor Community, the program works in just three months.

Third pro is it is targeted and is specifically formulated for women.

Forth thing is there’s no need of other tools; no more pills, no dumbells, no restricted foods and long time spent on exercising.

The best advantage we could see is that it works and many women can back that statement. Accounts state that it can make the body toned and can give ripped abs in a relatively short time frame.

The only disadvantage we could see is the dedication the program requires. To some, three months is not that quick plus you need to stick to the plan, otherwise it won’t be effective. But hey, if the prize is the body of a model, health of an athlete and confidence of an alpha then I don’t see why you won’t put your heart in the Venus Factor!