Carina GomezGreetings lovely (and soon-to-be lovelier) human being. I welcome you to my humble site focused on how to become anorexically (but not literally anorexic) thin.

My name is Carina Gomez, not another weight loss guru, really, but is a huge fan of the benefits of being thinly beautiful. Just like you and a few of my friends in real life, I too, was fat, or shall we define with the medical term obese.

I tried almost every solution that catches my eyes or those that looked trustworthy to me. Diet pills, gym sessions, meditation techniques – name it, I probably tried it. There were only a few of them that worked for me, momentarily. As for some them, I paid the price as I got sick and even had to be bed ridden for days.

I thought to myself that perhaps, I should stop my ambition of becoming thin even if means I have to have low self-esteem or is a soon-to-be-subject of insulin syringes.

But then I met John Barban’s Venus Factor and things have turn differently. By differently I meant sexier body and higher self confidence along with the good health benefits that Barban’s techniques brought.

Need any help getting your way around? Don’t hesitate to contact me.